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Nexus Energía
Nexus Energía

The company's history

Nexus energy timeline

06 28, 2000

Nexus Energy Foundation
Twelve Spanish electricity companies provide capital to constitute society.

Thirteen firms enter the shareholding.

Capital contribution
Shareholders provide 1.35 million euros for the start of the activity of energy Nexus.

The licence for electric marketing
Nexus energy is registered in the administrative register of distributors, marketers and consumers qualified with ID R2-161.

Sales: 50 million kWh/year
Billing: 6 million euros
Among others, Nexus energy provides power to AENA, airports of Alicante and Valencia, universities of Alicante and Murcia, Generalitat Valenciana, Institut Català de la Salut.

Capital increase
The addition of 15 new shareholders provides 1.35 million intended to finance the growth of the company.

Sales: 300 million kWh/year
Billing: EUR 18 million
In its second year, Nexus energy experienced a growth of 300%, supplied more than 1,000 customers and is situated between the Spanish trading main.

The marketing of gas licence
The company is registered in the administrative register of distributors, marketers and consumers qualified with S2-022 identification number.

Extension of share capital
Contribution of 1.35 million euros for the acquisition of the new offices.

10 22, 2004
New offices
Nexus energy moves to new offices located next to the Spain Plaza in Barcelona.

Sales: 550 million kWh/year
Billing: EUR 30 million
The company is consolidated as a real alternative and quality within the electricity sector Spanish.

New corporate identity
The year 2005 begins with an image change which opens a new stage for Nexus energy.

Sales: 1.2 billion kWh/year
Billing: 70 million euros
Nexus energy maintains a high rate of growth and consolidated a growing turnover.

Agreement with ASIF
Nexus energy signed an agreement with the Association of the photovoltaic industry (ASIF) which takes you to represent almost 15,000 producing plants and manage almost 2,000 GWh of renewable energy, which joins the 3,000 GWh from other energies.

Territorial expansion
The company is launching an ambitious plan of expansion in order to be present throughout the Spanish. 5 Delegations already existing in Pontevedra, Albacete, Barcelona, Alicante and Murcia, joined Madrid and Valencia.

Low voltage electricity supply
With the definitive liberalisation of low voltage, and the development of an attractive offer to all segments, Nexus energy manages to attract 60,000 indirect direct and more than 110,000 customers in a few months.

Sales: 5,000 million kWh/year
Billing: 320 million euros
Nexus energy maintains a spectacular pace of growth, both in the market of representation and on the sale of electricity and gas. He joined the portfolio of clients some of the most significant companies in the country.

Nexus energy creates three subsidiaries companies
Axon Time, S.L. and Nexus Renovables, S.L. are respectively dedicated to the marketing of computer systems specialist in the sector and the generation and sale of renewable energy. And delegations of Cantabria, Seville, Bilbao, Zaragoza and Balearic Islands added to the commercial network.

09 01, 2010
New corporate headquarters
Nexus energy moving its headquarters to a new corporate building of 9 floors. Exceeds the number of 100 employees.

Acquisition of PCC Energie
Closes the agreement for the purchase of the marketer Energie PCC, Duisburg (Germany), which is the first step in the internationalization of the company.

Sales: 7 billion kWh per year
Billing: 538,70 million euros
Nexus energy exceeds the threshold of 500 million euros invoiced.

New corporate identity
Updated corporate image to convey the values that define the company without losing their identity.

Tenth anniversary
To celebrate the occasion, Nexus energy organizes a day festive and official presentation of the new headquarters and newly released corporate identity. Malaga and the Canary Islands have own delegation.

Born Nexus Energie
The absorption of PCC Energie, happens to be called Nexus Energie is formalized.
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