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Understand your bill

Energy nexus and Nexus renewable, following its policy of transparency and proximity to the client, have implemented a new model of invoice that will allow you to get all data from recruitment and its electricity consumption in a simple and clear way. We hope it is to your liking.

To understand some of the concepts it is important to know that the electricity market started its liberalization in 2000 resulting in the definitive separation of the different agents:

-Electric producers (which generate energy)
-The carrier or network Spain electric (from the major centres of production for the peninsula through lines of very high voltage and delivery to distributors) energy distributors (which carry energy for electrical distribution networks to its supply point.)
-Marketers of energy (marketers responsible for the relationship with the final consumer, responsible for selling energy in free competition)

Energy nexus and Nexus renewable exercised in this case as marketers.

The new format of invoice of energy Nexus and Nexus renewable, is a clear commitment to give the maximum possible information to our customers. We believe that the customer is or is not an expert in electricity, he has right to know in detail its consumption, the associated costs, and access with pata transparency to all data analyse your consumption profile and see how you can optimize it.

For this reason, we have created this page explaining where we intend to respond to queries of all of our customers with regard to the Bill, their concepts and the information presented. The aim is to create a living page that go collecting the answers to the questions or comments from our customers so you can understand your Bill, so if you want to make any suggestions can do so by sending an email nexusinfo@nexusenergia.com.

Select the face of the invoice that you want to see:

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